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What You Can Do To Help
We are a participatory organization that works with you for your future generations.
You can help by contributing or volunteering today.
Please click the donate button below to make a donation using our secure PayPal account:
Or, please send your tax-deductible donations to:
The WAN Conservancy -- P.O. Box 1041, Malibu, CA 90405
Questions? Please call us at (323) 345-1555.
Swans swimming in estuary - Wan Conservancy  
With a major initial donation of funds from its founders, and a commitment to match even more, the Western Alliance for Nature is moving quickly to fulfill its mission to protect and preserve our natural heritage for future generations.

But we need your active participation. With your donation, your energy will blend with that of other Western Alliance for Nature members. We will turn your tax-deductible donation into your legacy, your living imprint on this precious planet. With our commitment to preserve land in perpetuity, your contributions will be an enduring monument of your dedication and passion to preserve natural habitat. Achieving conservation with public passion and participation is what the Western Alliance for Nature is all about.

Watch an illustrated slide show about
Western Alliance for Nature.

In addition to volunteering, here is how you can leave an enduring conservation legacy for your children and the children of all species.

Beachmaster With Pup - - Wan Conservancy

Cash gift: Donations to the Western Alliance for Nature qualify for tax deduction up to 50 percent of your adjusted gross income.

Real Estate Donation: Qualifies for a charitable deduction for the full market value.

Conservation Easement: Dedicating a natural resource conservation easement to the Western Alliance for Nature protects such resources on your land while maintaining full title to your property and qualifying for a tax credit.

Stocks: This is a charitable contribution at full market value for tax credit computations.

Dahl Sheep with Lamb - Wan Conservancy

Reserved Life Estate: Real property and assets can be donated subject to a reserved life estate that allows you to continue to use the property and its income for life.

Bequests: Naming the Western Alliance for Nature as a direct beneficiary of your estate makes the wildlife and natural resources that we protect your true beneficiaries.

In addition to your financial contribution, our volunteer programs give you the opportunity to be on the front lines in the protection of wildlife and to experience the beauty and spiritual enrichment that direct communion with Nature provides.


Please send email to:

The WAN Conservancy
P.O. Box 1041
Malibu, California 90265
Phone: (323) 345-1555 -- CONTACT US

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